Tuesday, 27 August 2013

For the love of blackberry picking

As is our tradition on Monday of the August Bank Holiday here in the UK, we go blackberry picking.
With the end reward being blackberry and apple pie for dessert and numerous jars of blackberry jam stocked in our cupboards.
This is our family tradition we began about 4 years ago and it's always such a fun, memorable and messy time.

What made it even better was the fact the sun was bright and shining all day after a weekend of rain.

We hitched up the bike trailer for the two youngest boys, the rest of us on our bikes and headed into Gunnersbury Park - our new local go-to for running, playground and blackberries.

We battled with fierce blackberry bushes and feisty stinging nettle but that's all part of the adventure. Although the boys didn't seem to appreciate this side of things... We raise 'em tough around here.
I went to the corner shop when we got home and only then realised my legs were covered in blackberry juice and blood. I'm so hardcore. Yep.
My legs and arms are still smarting from the scratches and stings... 

Apparently it's important to still have your cycle helmet on when blackberry picking...

Max was doing 'quality control' - but I beg to differ. Everytime I turned around to put more blackberries in the container there was always less than before... it's a mystery...

We collected 3 large containers of blackberries before heading to the playground for the boys to use up the last of their energy. 
On our way home we found a BMX track at the edge of the park that had lots of jumps for us to practice our bike riding skills on (or lack thereof).
And of course I took the boys in the bike trailer over them too ('cos I'm hardcore remember..) 
They were egging me on and gave out cries of disapproval whenever I missed a hump. 
I only fell off and bruised my ankle once.
Austin called me 'Crazy Mamma' which is pretty accurate...
At least we lived to tell the tale!

And the blackberry & apple pie? Well. It was so unbelievably good I didn't get time to take a picture of it before we devoured it. Super tasty.

Blackberry jam is now going to be flowing out our ears (which may be rather uncomfortable and sticky...)

I think food you've foraged for yourself always tastes better huh?

Happy days!

B x



  1. That photo of the 3 boys on the tyre swing is awesome!!! You should have that on a huge canvas! beejay

  2. correction, not a tyre swing, big round swing.

  3. Love love love love it!! Oh Brigitte your boys will have such awesome memories of times like these and their crazy Mama! and oh those Black berries look just divine. I too would of liked to have been on quality control. I am with Max the most important job EVER!!

  4. Love the memories you've created in this family adventure and such gorgeous 'real life' shots xx

  5. lovely pictures....and adventures.

  6. Gosh your boys have amazing eyes!! Gorgeous adventure. I would probably see prickles and nettle and say "nah we don't need blackberries" :)


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