Friday, 9 May 2014

Boys + mess issues...

WARNING: if you suffer from OCD this post will disturb you...

I have issues. 
Namely, BOYS and MESS.
But mainly it's the BOYS and MESS issues that are bugging me right now.

I spend a good amount of my time making their room look really cool and fun and interesting.
They spend a good amount of their time making their room look like a herd of dinosaurs had a party and vomited everywhere.
And this pretty much makes me want to weep. Uncontrollably.
Sometimes it does make me weep uncontrollably.
Especially if there's poo involved.
And then I'm the one vomiting...

A couple of days ago I was making dinner in the kitchen and the boys were playing quietly in their bedroom......... 

There's where you went very wrong Brigitte!!! 
EVERY parent knows that if their children (especially if they are boys) have suddenly gone quiet they are either:
a) asleep
b) dead
c) doing something really naughty that they know will make you very cross and want to start weeping uncontrollably.

I was first alerted to their antics when Luca came into the kitchen and proudly declared "Mamma we're making a POTION! And I'm gonna need this" (reaching for the jar of brown sugar).

My skin started tingling and my mouth went dry as my sleep-deprived mind finally clicked on to why they had been playing so quietly... DUH!

In this instance they had decided it was a good idea to get out all their paints and mix them together along with containers of talcum powder, Vaseline, Vics Vapour Rub and Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo. 

Oh and two containers of glitter (which were thrown over themselves and around the room first).

And then they must have thought it would be a like really totally freaking awesome idea if they painted the 'potion' onto their bedroom windows...

As I started to hyperventilate a concerned Luca looked at me and said "Oh no Mamma, are you gonna cry?"
"No" I said, taking many deep calming breaths. "But I am going to get the camera so Papa can see what a mess you've made."


These are the kinds non-joys of motherhood that I'm obviously not enjoying.
There's a lot of "Why do I bother?" moments.
And actually, in this instance, I didn't bother. I pre-warned Austin of the mess before he came home and as soon as he walked in the door I exited and went for a run.
My husband's awesome like that.

But now, two days later, I still have to hoover up the glitter from the carpet which has now been trampled through the whole house.
It's not like I had anything else to do today.
Fun times on a Friday!....

Well I hope you at least have a fun Friday Fun Day.
And remember, if your children have gone very suspiciously quiet in another part of the house, RUN!!! RUN and save your house from that herd of partying and vomiting dinosaurs!

Happy Weekend friends.

x B



  1. I'm so sorry! I did laugh through this, it's brilliant and so true. Which is where I feel your pain....that silence that we totally crave really does often mean trouble :O Ah...I hope the dinosaurs take a vacation and you have a fun, no-cleaning-up-to-do weekend over there xx

    1. p.s. I like your new header etc ;)

    2. Thanks Remaliah! Pleased you could have a laugh at my expense ;)) One day I'll be able to laugh about it too! heehee. You have a great weekend too! Always lovely to hear from you xx

  2. You're so funny!! I read this aloud to my Max (9) and he loved it too. Thanks for the giggles. Perhaps one day they'll be off quietly reading... you never know?

  3. Seriously Brigitte you are not alone!!! Frequent hideous messes are made in my house too! Just wait until a pottle of glitter goes through your washing, Austin will be sparkling all the way to work and home again for about a week! I know this is probably deemed as LAZY parenting but if I know the kids are up to mischief or have gone strangely quiet I don't say anything to them until I am in the head space to deal with it. Otherwise I would be weeping uncontrollably on a daily basis!! The;y say we will miss these days. I am not looking forward to that! xx PS you are a super good Mama!!

  4. love the cheeky grin. Best to take a photo and laugh about it one day alright! Yay that you got a run in!

  5. Oh wow you have such a way with words. Love all your posts and like everyone else was in fits at your expense. I have to admit that with each of your "boy" stories I praise the Lord that he blessed me with just 2 girls - even though one of them often masquerades as a boy attitude & grossness-wise.
    God bless you, it will be so worth every minute.
    Love Narnie


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