Thursday, 29 May 2014

Rosso Furioso is THREE

It is always with lots of nostalgia and bucket loads of love and thankfulness that I write these posts celebrating the birthdays of our boys.

And I cannot quite believe that my dear little Massi (Max, Maxi-moodle, Rosso Furioso, little Ginger Monkey, Ginger Biscuit) has turned THREE!

Of course this is also a time to remember his entry into the world - how I spent nearly 3 weeks in hospital because he decided to lie sideways in the womb meaning if I went into labour they would have to get him out quick smart. Little monkey.

You can read about that time here, here, here and here. (don't worry, no graphic birthing details).

He's pretty darn cute. And now he's three! Wowsers.

With his ginger curls and hilarious personality we spend ALOT of our time laughing at him and cuddling and kissing him. He always smells so delicious.

He is such a little boy who just loves to get dirty and be noisy. Awesome.
He loves his older brothers with a passion and loves all things (especially food) made popular during the 70's - i.e. gherkins, olives, smoked salmon, fish sticks, pineapple, cheese rolls, sausage rolls, pretty much anything you can "dip-dip" into a sauce.

He's a very determined and strong-willed young chap (I can't think where he gets that from........).
It took him approximately 2 days to potty train (unlike one of his brothers who is still a bit hit-and-miss after 2 years!)...

He loves tickles and "get-you's" - his most repeated line every day is "Mamma, you be the tiger. I hide." Then he runs off squealing. How could one resist? Especially when it's a perfectly plump undies-clad bottom running away from me.

Yes he was another SURPRISE baby!... but what a purely delightful 'surprise' he is. I can't imagine our life without Massi in it.
I thank God daily (usually when they are asleep and look all innocent and aren't talking back to me...) for the beautiful boys he has given us.
Three beautiful boys with three very large and individual personalities.
They bring lots of colour to our home.
And here in particular we are celebrating our Rosso Furioso (Furious Red) child.




  1. Oh he is just gorgeous!!! Enjoy him being 3, Great age!!! xxx

  2. three! Is it weird that even though we haven't ever met...I can still remember when you were pregnant with him! Time sure is flying. Amazing this inter-web stuff.


  3. Happy, happy birthday to our darling Massi - we (Mormor and Scrumpy) love you SO much xxxxx!!


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