Sunday, 6 June 2010

The power of the icecream

Never underestimate the control that icecream has over a child. It has the power to turn an exceptionally delightful and happy 2 year old from this...

...into this... a matter of seconds.

All because Mamma ate the last bit of icecream that he wanted*

* please note that this was only after he had eaten his own icecream then the last half of my icecream and, upon seeing this, my sister felt sorry for me so gave me the last bite of her icecream which I popped in my mouth. But unfortunately Luca saw this exchange take place, thus resulting in tears. Not just any ol' tears. Big tears. Heart wrenching tears that made me feel like the meanest person in the world.

The power of the icecream. 

It can make a son turn against his mother for approximately 23 seconds before he gets disracted by something else.  
(thank you God for the goldfish memories our children still possess and please can they hold onto them for a bit longer?? I'm still a mamma in training!...)


  1. Ooh! I know those icecream tears!
    Cute photos though!! And yay for the goldfish bowl memory capacity of little ones :)

  2. You did WHAT??!!! How COULD you??!!!! (next time try doing it a bit sneakier so that the wee ice-cream-man doesn't see)

  3. Dad says "Wasn't Gretchen so kind to share her ice cream with you Brigitte!"

  4. Sneaking treats from toddlers should be an Olympic sport. I'd win the gold for sure! It does take some practise! heehee


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