Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Packed and ready to go!

Today's the day! This morning we woke up in London. Tonight we will be sleeping in Italy!
Tomorrow morning we will wake up to the sounds of Italian chatter and bristles from numerous brooms sweeping cobblestones.
I will open up all the shutters in the house which have been closed throughout the winter and let the sun stream in, filling our home with it's warmth.
We will go for a walk to the bakery to get fresh bread and pastries, milk and coffee from the local grocery store and then head up to the rooftop terrace to enjoy our breakfast with a view.

I can't wait.
It's been a busy last couple of days. We moved everything out of the London flat we had been in for 3 years on Monday. This was a looooooong day but it had to be done. We moved in with 1 child and moved out with 3..... and with about twice as many boxes with our things in them!

We have been staying the last two days at my sister's where I did numerous loads of washing and managed to get it all dried thanks to the gloriously warm sunshine.
Luca took a moment out of his day of DVD watching and from lining up his cars to water all the plants. He found a watering can and next thing I know he's traipsing back and forth from the bathroom to the back patio on his mission to give the plants something to drink.

So now I'm finishing off fitting everything into suitcases before we get collected by a (large) car at 1pm to take us to the airport.
Only a few more logistical obstacles to overcome before we insert the key and turn the lock in the front door of our house in Italy.

Once we get the internet connected I'll be back with photos and stories on what our life looks in the small Italian village we are living in.



  1. Buon viaggio!! Arrivederci, con Mormor e Scrumpy xxx

  2. P.S. I love how Luca dresses like an italian already - leather jacket and Ferrari cap, and on a hot day too. But if he starts wearing flashy D&G hideousness I'll be having words...

    (love you Lucsi - go rock Manoppello xx)

  3. You'll be at the airport now! Exciting! Have a great, uneventful trip and...oh so much to look forward to!!

  4. Exciting but also wistful. I remember the very happy times in your wee London flat and I have an urge to pause and absorb. Love you xxx

  5. oh i HOPE you paused and absorbed! (as mum said) hands up! 'Pause' and 'asborb' hands turn and go down with fingers upwards in the 'can i have some, hand' position.

    1. Ha! Nice one Bubble. My absorb thought was the 'drinking' absorb - STOP! Hands up as if up against an invisible wall... Pause...pause...pauuuuuuuuuuuuuse...'' ...'mum, what are you doing?' ... 'drinking'. ....oh.

  6. safe and happy travels to you all. take care. how exciting!! xo.

  7. All the best for your new adventure! Brought tears to my eyes reading your post, sniff sniff! Sad to leave a home that holds so many memory but you can look forward to a new chapter that will most definitely bring many many more! God Bless you and your sweet family! Love you xxx

  8. Oh I can't wait... I have butterflies just thinking about your big adventure.


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