Sunday, 1 April 2012

Settling In

As I sit here and type, the tappity-tap-tap of the computer keys joins Max's soft snoring from the porta-cot beside our bed.
And that's all I can hear.
No London bus engines roaring down the road or planes overhead braking their engines as they prepare for landing at Heathrow Airport.
Just silence.

So much of this spot we have in Italy is about the serenity. And the view.

The life that fills the streets on market day is always a little surprising compared to the normal sleepy pace of daily life here. People on the outskirts of the town make the trip in to get the fresh produce from local farmers and stock up on cheeses, meats and underwear...

Within the first day our blonde-haired blue-eyed boys became a hit with the locals. Especially our 'Rosso' boy. People actually stop in their tracks and exclaim over Max and his golden hair. "Bello bambino!" and more often than not his cheek will get pinched.
He's going to have to learn to love/endure that.

The whole moving house/moving country and flying with three young children thing was a little bit on the stressful side.
Luca and Beni were pretty much out of control at the airport due to tiredness and the general emotional upheaval of their lives they were experiencing.
At one point when we were queuing to get our carry-on luggage scanned Beni - who had already been trying our patience by touching everything he was not supposed to touch - scrambled under the barriers and took off towards the metal detector, head down, legs churning, determined to make it through. While everyone ahead of us in the queue turned to see who this renegade child belonged to I sprinted off after him yelling "This is why you shouldn't have children!"......
Good one.
I did manage to grab him before he made it through the detector, fortunately the airport staff were very humoured by it all.

This is but one of many little 'episodes' we had en route to Italy. Let's just say I'm not in a hurry to travel again with 3 young boys, 7 suitcases, 2 carseats and a buggy...

Four days in and we are finally starting to feel settled in. The house is starting to feel like a home now, internet is connected, bags are all nearly unpacked.
We are enjoying - really really enjoying - the tastes of Italy. Fruit and veges that are just so super-duper tasty. Wine and beer that is just so super-duper cheap. Cheeses of all varieties that are so readily available and extremely edible. Gelato that is, well, gelato! From the Lord. Seriously.

Those are bruises on their legs (unfortunately), not dirt. 
Don't know how or when they got them, but I suppose that's all part of being a boy?
And those orange marks on their arms are because they are spidermen 
and that's where they shoot their webs from. 
I've never seen Spiderman dressed as a Pirate before... 
...first time for everything I guess.

I even branched out and asked our friendly neighbour (in Italian) if she could explain to me the recycling procedure here. Should have got her to write it down cos I don't remember/didn't understand much of what she said... doh.

More adventures are on the way, of that I am sure. We are looking forward to our precious friends coming to spend Easter with us and sharing fun times with them. And sharing our children with them...


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  1. One word AMAZING !!!!!

  2. yay! So glad to hear you are settling in well!
    Traveling with three young sounds like a mission all right!
    Looking forward to the posts that lie ahead. All inspiration for visiting Italy one day!

  3. so jealous right now glad you are all settling in yay!!

  4. Hehe, my boy's legs look like that too! 400 bruises and 150 cuts and grazes, makes me cringe sometimes taking him out in public!!! Loving the orange spots, ha!

  5. Not long now!!!!!(sniff)

  6. lovely to hear from you! pleased you're having a bit of an exhale after your big move (i can't imagine. i'd have a head full of grey hair!!)
    looking forward to hearing more of your life in exciting :)))

  7. You made it!! Well done!! Your boys will have soooo many awesome memories of this experience. Love the shot of the boys eating gelato especially covered in orange spots! Priceless. Much love from me to you xxx

  8. Wow. You are super mama! Travelling with 3 boys, etc etc... :) I am jealous of your real yummy tasty fruits and veggies and cheeses... and I will ramble, but I'll stop myself. I've never had REAL gelato before, but I hear it's ah-mazing! So excited and happy for your wee family. I moved to Atlanta 3 weeks ago today, oh what an ordeal that was. Wasn't so bad when I look back, but that's a blog post for tomorrow maybe. Internet took forever to get hooked up. I look forward to reading your adventures in Italy and booking a flight to visit (teehee... I can wish!) xx

  9. Phew! Austin's there. I thought you got three boys to the aiport (I can't imagine the horror of trying to sort three child seats in a cab), on a plane, and to your place in Italy on your own! I was like, "WONDERWOMAN"!

  10. It is delicious to read of your adventures. Well done clever people. Such fun to read, such great stories my friend. Enjoy the adventure - the view, the food, the struggle of not knowing what everyone is saying but the peace of knowing the BIG GUY is with you no matter where you are! Love you, hope to visit one time!!

  11. Luca's the red spiderman, Beni's the blue spiderman and Max is the gold spiderman. It all makes sense. I have been the gold spiderman before. And the blue. Never the red. That's Luca. Glad to see that the pirate outfit is part of spider's wardrobe (naturally).

    Hello my handsome boys. Hello view from my room. Hello Ricard. Hello neighbour's sheets. Hello shopping all a grande. Hello glazed gelato faces. Hello real-tasting fruit. Hello 35 sleeps...

    I purchased an 80s red cotton belted leotard on Saturday. Watch out Manoppello, here I come.

    Love you xxxx

  12. Oh, and the image of Beni running towards the metal detector, head down, legs churning, made me LAUGH! So glad you're in Italy now, where the Boksers should be. So proud of you xxxx

  13. Wowee, love your pics. Italy is just poetry, pure poetry.

    So glad you can put that travel behind you...having just travelled to/from Oz the other week I can somewhat (only slightly) appreciate the air travel part although not quite to the same extent!

    Look forward to hearing about all of your bellissimo adventures xx

  14. Sounds and looks AMAZING! Wow...I LOVE the thought of shopping from markets. We're heading down to the South of France this weekend and can't wait to do some of that :) Glad to hear you all made it in one piece. Eek moving to NZ later this year with two little girls and lots of luggage...I won't think of it yet :) Have a fantastic time with your friends over Easter! x

  15. WOW!!!
    Please link this up to the Best in Blog! I am in awe of your snaps.
    How AMAZING to be living in Italy... and OH NO about the travelling?!?!?!
    Well, you're there now, anyway. You MADE it.
    I Look forward to many more delicious posts!!

  16. Kimberley Bell2 April 2012 at 11:02

    A total pleasure to be invited into this next, amazing,and brave, part of your lives via your blog. ABSOLUTELY love it. Travel and life experiences through your clever eyes. Really look forward to the next installment of how it is going for you and your family. Wish you all the best.


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