Sunday, 6 May 2012

Solo un giorno di distanza

Rumour has it that my mum and dad have arrived safely in London... that means only one more sleep and then they are in Italia staying at my house for 4 whole weeks!
Very exciting times indeed.
AND I get to see my husband again. Oh. My. Goodness. This has been the longest 3 weeks of my life without him here to help with his children.
It's been exhausting. Possibly the hardest thing I've ever done. Even over giving birth. That says a lot.

But my solo mission is nearly over and I am SO READY for company! And someone else to change all the million trillion pooey nappies that are produced. Sheesh.

Last weekend was possibly one of the best weekends of my life. My best friend flew from London for two days and we spent our whole time at the beach, eating gelato, drinking wine and speaking in English.  Heaven. A wonderful lifestyle and she reminded me many-a-time that this was why we are living in Italy. While England was being consumed by rain and flooding we were basking in the sunshine.
She spoilt the boys with gifts galore, stocked up the cupboards with food, including baking soda and baking powder from the UK - at my request.
The worst part of the weekend was saying goodbye - I'm terrible at goodbye's. But fortunately the distance isn't too great between the UK and Italy, and distance will never be an issue in our friendship.
Doesn't stop me missing her terribly though...

I am slowly starting to feel like a local around the village. Recognising people all the time, stopping to have a chat. A major development is that I'm actually starting to understand what people are saying to me and am holding (nearly) intelligent conversations!
I have met my first proper friend who lives in the village and has two children - a boy 5, and a girl 4. Perfect ages for Luca and Beni.
She is learning English and I'm learning Italian so there is a lot of learning that goes on in our conversations. This has been great and she has been a real God-send with her relaxed personality and parenting style - much like how I want to be.
The doorbell often rings and it is her with some fresh produce from her garden - asparagus, fennel, lettuce and even some eggs. Amazing! So sweet of her huh?

Luca and Beni are doing well at responding to people in Italian. They are constantly being given sweets from the people in the bakery store. Everyone is very patient with these blonde-haired fireballs who run through the streets of the village, who touch all the produce at the grocery store, who terrorise the man in the toy store (who seems to hate children touching toys in his shop...weird), and who run away from their mamma all.the.bloody.time. leaving her very frazzled indeed. Big Ups to all the single mothers out there. It's hard work.

But there is a period of respite for me - this time tomorrow my husband, sister, mum and dad would have landed in Italy! I have been looking forward to tomorrow for a long long time. And tomorrow is finally here. Well, a day away. Only a day awaaaaaaaay.

And now you've got that song stuck in your head I'll sign off.

Addio amici X



  1. I admire you, you have done awesomely! And I can only begin to imagine how excited you are to have your parents there - they are pretty damn amped themselves from what I've heard. I have Anne, Lyn & Grandma n Grandad coming to meet Aja tomorrow I think which will be lovely
    Enjoy your month
    Love Narnie x

  2. Yay!! Finally Mum and Dad are arriving! I can confirm they have arrived safely in London (I have seen the photos)and they are SOOO excited to see you and their wee grandsons!! :)
    So jealous of the warm weather and beach and gelato and wine drinking in the sun! Loving the photo of Max in his wee camo onesie, I'm pretty sure we've got a photo of every one of the boys in exactly that pose too (wet hair, sitting on their knees on the beach in Italy, looking at the camera and eating sand. Although maybe Beni's photo was in the nuddie? Doesn't seem that long ago either!)
    Glad you had such a great time with Sezzie. Just what the doctor ordered I think!!
    Love you and miss you lots, and can't wait til we're the ones landing in Italy and on our way to spend time with you!! xxxxxx

  3. Oh Brigitte!! You will have the best time with your Ma and Pa and of course husband!! Love the photos of the boys at the beach, looks like a glorious time! What a special blessing your new Italian friend is...sent from above perhaps?? :) Take care and lap up this special time! xxx

  4. yay!!! sooooo happy for mum and dad and you guys getting to spend time together in italy!!! you are going to have a wonderful time!!! make sure you take far too many photos of EVERYTHING and post them on here continuously ok!! xoxo

  5. Wow, I feel tired for you - You are doing SO WELL! Am so pleased you're getting a long and helpful visit from your parents... and that you get to see your man again.
    Love that you're making friends there too!

  6. I'm SO excited for the arrival of your visitors, lots of magical memory making moments ahead! It must feel so cool to be having some conversations in Italian and yay for God bringing that lovely friend across your path...xx

  7. You must be bursting waiting for them all the arrive, hope the time goes fast for you, what a blessing parents, husbands and families in general are, have a blessed time surrounded by your loved ones, Karina xx

  8. So pleased to see your blog return again today, and absolutely delighted for you when Matty said this morning that your folks had arrived in London.
    You are such an amazing Mummy Brigitte, and thankyou so much for sharing your life, and your family.I loved that car track with all the "WORD" garages you made for Luca.
    I can imagine the lovely weekend you had with Sarah, and now a fabulous family time for you all.
    With Blessings and Much Love,

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