Monday, 9 April 2012

Village Life

Chirpy morning voices and the clink of spoons against breakfast bowls are travelling up our marble stairs, filling the house with these lovely morning sounds.
My husband has just brought me coffee in bed - I am content. Apart from the fact that this is our last day with "Pappa" before he heads back to London to work and we won't see him again for another month. That part really sucks. Big time.
I will be staying here with our three boys, experiencing this Italian lifestyle with them. I only wish it was with my husband here also. But that's just the way it has to be at the moment.  I know we can do this, although I know it will also be really hard. Being apart - not having him here to be my support, my friend, the only other person in our village who speaks English. I will miss him more than I can say.
But I've got three delicious wee boys here to keep me entertained and busy.

We have just had a fabulous four days with our most precious friends Matty & Sezzy who flew from London for the Easter break. Our boys love these two fabulous people, which is a good thing considering they are their Godparents!

A dear elderly man in the village who has taken a shine to our blue-eyed boys gave us a tricycle that his grandchildren are now too big for. Very sweet. Beni and Luca are learning to share turns on it...

The days have been mostly sunny and warm which gave us plenty of opportunity to wander through the village, visit the market on Good Friday, play football in the piazza, drink plenty of coffee, purchase special dolce treats from the bakery, and dine on the rooftop terrace.

Luca chose his outfits most days so terrorised the village streets as either a pirate or a Formula 1 race car driver.

It is a wonderful way of life in this laid-back Italian village. I feel super blessed to be here. Seven years ago when we purchased this house after being in London only a couple of years, we never would have believed we would be living here with our three boys. Extremely cute boys I might add.
This is our dream - only not the 'husband working in London and having to leave for weeks at a time' whole aspect. But it is how it is and we'll do the best we can in this situation.
We will keep trusting in our God from whom all of our blessings have been given.

We will keep trusting in His plans for us over here {certainly takes the pressure off us!}
We know our God clears the way ahead of us and makes all things work for good because we love and trust in Him.

He is so faithful.
We are so grateful.


Photo credit: many of these photos were taken by Sarah Lonsdale 
- budding photographer, best friend, beautiful person.


  1. wow, what an amazing experience!(although not without it's difficulties i'm sure.) in such a beautiful place too. (can we come visit??)
    you got this Brigitte - one day at a time. and if there's anything you need from NZ, give me a yell (or let me know your postal addy anyway...)

    1. Thanks Dee! Oh yes you are so welcome to come visit! We are always up for visitors :) Thanks for your kind offer of posting things from NZ - I shall let you know! Fortunately my mum & dad are coming from NZ at beginning of May so they'll be stocking up their luggage with plenty of marmite...maybe ;) Lovely to hear from you X

    2. Marmite stocks are all gone in every shop in New Zealand :o(! Selling on Trade Me for RIDICULOUS amounts of money unfortunately (sigh). Will keep looking though xxx

  2. Oh Brigitte, I truely feel like I can reach out and touch and taste Italy!! (Awesome photos Sarah!!) So awesome that the dream is now a reality. Much love to you once 'Pappa' leaves... will count the days till his return for you!! (Loving the new look of the blog too!) xxx

    1. Thanks for your comment Toni :) Oh my goodness the tastes are SENSATIONAL!! Even our chicken for last night's dinner tasted like...well, chicken! REAL chickeny chicken! Yeah it's kinda crazy the dream is now reality - still pinching myself :)xx

  3. Oh Brigitte! It looks so amazing out there, you are a really good writer, have thoroughly enjoyed reading what you are getting up to. Sad to know Austin is off for a month back over here...I bet you guys will miss him like crazy! Lots of love to you and the boys! Missing you :)

  4. what a beautiful village, amazing. xx

  5. ... all I can say is 'FLIPPING HURRY UP 7 MAY!' Flippety flip.

    (and ciao Ulyssi, and lovely vegetable man who gives me free carrots)
    (and beautiful photos Sweetpea - I LOVE the wide angle one of Beni on the terazza)

    Missing you all like CA-RAZY (ow), but not long now!

    Thinking of you four in Italia... am about to make up Austin's bed.

    Skype me anytime xx

  6. Wow, speechless...what a wonderful little village to live in! So glad you can do this. I hope the routine with Austin being away settles in quickly (though it's hard not to be together) and you can see each other often through Skype (and that the days pass quickly until he's back). You'll be speaking Italian fluently in no time :) xx

  7. Gorgeousness. And will certainly lift you up over the next month - brave, courageous and EMPOWERED girl! It does all look lovely!

  8. oh my gosh! i am sssooooo JEALOUS!! that place looking amazing!!! you are so lucky to be living there!

  9. Such a delight to see village life and fun happening. It looks beautiful! Love seeing your Italian life via the web, thinking of you during your weeks. lufly to see the Lonsdales work xx

  10. Can't wait. Can see lots of absorbing time will be needed in each and every day (with absorbing the hugs and kisses and reading books and playing and helping and talking and laughing and walking and ... oh absolutely EVERYTHING being top priority)xxx.


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